Real advice and info to help you make better choices about your drinking.

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The ACC says eating's not cheating

A new campaign fronted by the Alternative Commentary Collective aims to bowl over the idea that “eating’s cheating” when it comes to drinking alcohol.

Standard drinks hero

Know your standards

A standard drink comes in different shapes and sizes depending on what you’re drinking. Do you know how much you're drinking?

Do you or anyone you know have a problem with their drinking? Contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline for free and confidential advice.

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From left Troy Vandergoes middle Kieran Milton and right Carrisse Utai during todays performance of Smashed Project copy

Smashed Project launches in NZ

A new, internationally acclaimed theatre-based education programme was officially launched yesterday, aimed at equipping year 9 students with the skills they need to counter peer pressure to drink alcohol.

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Alcohol and pregnancy don't mix

There is no known safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.


Is my drinking normal?

See how you measure up with our drinking tool.

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Have the talk

Step up and talk to your teen about drinking.