Who we are

Who we are

About us

Cheers is a social change initiative to create a healthier, safer and more responsible drinking culture in New Zealand. Our mission is to strengthen safe and sociable drinking behaviours.

Managed by The Tomorrow Project, an industry-funded organisation led by its Board of Directors, we aim to tackle New Zealand’s problem drinkers through evidenced-based, targeted interventions that address the real reasons behind problem drinking.

We seek to:

Social change takes time. We believe an integrated, inclusive approach will reach more New Zealanders, create deeper levels of engagement and bring about positive change. 

The evidence base

As an evidence-based organisation, we rely on independent research and clinical advice to inform our approaches. The information supporting our campaigns, education materials and tools has been gathered from authoritative studies and knowledge gained through consultation with experts in the fields of public health, neuroscience, epidemiology, and child and adolescent psychology. We utilise a wide range of external health/medical and social research to help inform our direction and whether our campaigns are reaching people.


Partnerships ensure that the resources, understanding and support of interested parties are brought to the fight. Partnerships enhance reach and minimise mixed messages. We believe that multiple agencies and organisations have a shared interest in the outcome. We will work openly and positively with all.

Our Board

Robert Brewer
Spirits NZ

Sarah Wilson
New Zealand Winegrowers

Dylan Firth (Chair)
Brewers Association of New Zealand