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From left Troy Vandergoes middle Kieran Milton and right Carrisse Utai during todays performance of Smashed Project

Smashed Project launches in NZ

22nd May 2019

A new, internationally acclaimed theatre-based education programme was officially launched yesterday, aimed at equipping year 9 students with the skills they need to counter peer pressure to drink alcohol.


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Teens and parties

30th Mar 2019 by Matt Claridge

It’s going to happen. There’s no denying it. A matter of when, not if. Sooner or later.


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Alcohol and Parenting Teenagers

29th Jan 2019 by Matt Claridge

“Oh crap!” you know that feeling when your child catches you out with a question about life, that you just hadn’t anticipated or readied yourself for, not yet anyway.


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Campaign sends strong message on drinking during pregnancy

5th Nov 2018

An online campaign targeting pregnant women and their partners aims to send a strong message to pregnant women that alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix. The series of...



Campaign ups the ante on drinking during pregnancy

24th May 2018 by Amie Richardson

 A new multi-media campaign aims to send a strong message to pregnant women that alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix.The campaign – which includes digital media clips...


Teens and parents social 2

Parents need to take the lead on responsible drinking

22nd Nov 2017 by Matt Claridge

The latest Ministry of Health figures are out and show well over half (56.3%) of Kiwi 15-17-year-olds have drunk alcohol in the last year – and 7.6% (or 15,000) are...