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Listen to your Sober Self

5th Nov 2017 by Matt Claridge

We’ve all been there – a quick drink after work turns into a ‘couple’ then a ‘few’ then all of a sudden you find yourself waking up with a hangover from Hell after missing the morning bike ride you had planned with your mates. 

The Sober Self chatbot is our way of helping out. Instead of relying on the ‘you after a few drinks’ to remind yourself to go home, you can call on your ‘Sober Self’. The Facebook Messenger-run chatbot sends messages reminding you to go home at the time you originally planned – as well as keeping up responsible drinking habits such as keeping hydrated, eating food and looking after your mates.

 Already 11,000 Kiwis have embraced the new tech – a joint initiative between us and ridesharing service, Uber. We’ve seen some fairly hilarious messages when people choose to create their own personal message (you can also rely on the bot’s own pre-programmed messages) and we wanted to share a few of our favs… 

“Get your ass home to bed before you get sloppy”

“Girl ggggO HOME!”

“Stay chill bro”

“You’ve had enough – head home, that’s an order! *sober self”

“Yo yo, don’t be a mofo. Get your ass to bed…that’s NOW!”

We all want to have a night to remember – that is, a night we actually remember. And a day after that isn’t full of regrets. So whether it’s that you wanted to get up early to go to the gym, or take the kids out for a swim or movie, or catch up with your mates, what better person to remind you to get home than your ‘sober self’? 

To sign up to the Bot, go to Facebook Messenger and search Sober Self Bot