Xmas party blog


16th Nov 2017 by Matt Claridge

Tis the season for office Christmas parties and who doesn’t like a tipple or two on the company? But while the free drinks might be flowing, it’s important to take it easy and avoid telling your colleagues what you really think or down-trowing your boss for a laugh!

Here are a few tips so that you can drink better at this year’s bash and avoid a debauched party season!

  • Pace yourself – know what a standard drink looks like and keep to your limit. Check out our standard drinks guidelines
  • Keep hydrated! If an office bash is starting in the afternoon (or the morning!) then being sure to keep your water up – at least one for one – will keep you going stronger. Plus, often the annual bash takes place outside and sitting in the sun drinking alcohol can affect you much more than usual.
  • Eat food. If a free feed is part of the office party, then make the most of it – though it’s never a good look to make a beeline to the food table before saying hi to your colleagues! If food is not on the cards, then make sure you eat before the event. It is never a good idea to drink alcohol on an empty stomach.
  • Keep your behaviour in check – despite the convivial surroundings and the Dutch courage, this is still a work environment. Dress appropriately, avoid bad language or gossip and mingle. Make the most of the opportunity to get to know your work colleagues outside of the office – and don’t talk shop!
  • Set limits for yourself and stick to them – use our Sober Self Bot to help stick to your plans