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Ways to relax without drinking

2nd Apr 2020

As we all start to adapt to our "new normal" in lockdown, most of us are now spending a lot more time at home. With isolation comes additional pressures and stress and some of us may be drinking alcohol more often than we usually would.

But there are plenty of other ways to relax during lockdown - without drinking. Our team has put together some of their top ideas. We'd love to hear from you! Share your tips with us at or go to our Facebook page and message us. 

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Get some fresh air and exercise

Get outside and explore your backyard. Fresh air and exercise is even more important during lockdown and - as long as you keep it local - you can get out and get as much as you need. Whether it's a stroll around the block, a bike ride or run, dancing at home or trying one of TVNZ's regular Les Mills sessions, exercise will get your blood and endorphins flowing. Exercise is also vital for your immune system - in the short term, it can help the immune system find and deal with pathogens, and in the long term, regular exercise slows down changes that happen to the immune system with ageing, reducing the risk of infections.

Play a game with your kids

They say families who play together, stay together, and during periods of isolation, it's crucial you keep your family strong. Bring out the old board games, jump on the PS4 or get outside and play a game of backyard cricket - whatever it is, it'll be worth it. 

Start a passion project

How many times do we say we'd love to learn that musical instrument, or cook that special recipe if we only had more time. Lockdown has created a unique situation for many of us that means we have more time than we've ever had at home. And many companies and education providers are jumping onboard with free lessons to upskill. Lean forward and use the time to do something you've always wanted to do.

Create a non-alcoholic drink you'll love 

Forget the booze, create a range of mocktails, cordials, smoothies and fizz for the whole family. 

Cook up a storm 

Evoke your inner Nigella and get creative in the kitchen. Not only is this a great distraction from a drink, but your family - or members of your bubble - will love you for it.