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Parents: Mind your drinking during lockdown

3rd Apr 2020

Online happy hour and internet drinks might be part of the ‘new normal’ for some but during lockdown it's even more important Kiwi parents are aware of their drinking – especially in front of their kids. We've put together some advice around positive drinking behaviour for parents.

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Parents are the greatest influencers on the drinking behaviours of their children

If a parent regularly reaches for the bottle as stress relief – or indulges in a few more drinks than they should – their child is likely to develop a similar relationship to alcohol. A drink now and then is fine, but it’s important – especially during this lockdown period – that you think about why and how you’re drinking alcohol in front of your kids. Have you had the drinking talk with your kids? Check out our advice on talking to your kids.

Alcohol won't change your situation 

With the anxiety and pressures of self-isolation, COVID-19 related job losses, business closures, and even just being with family for such a long period of time, many people might drink more than they should. Mental health is important for parents and there are many ways to relieve stress. Research tells us that we change our drinking personality when under stress and drink to escape. The reality is, alcohol won’t change the situation.

Role model positive drinking behaviour  

Stick to your usual drinking habits, following the Ministry of Health's low risk drinking guidelines including at least two alcohol-free days each week.

Follow our tips for drinking better like pacing yourself, drinking water and eating food with alcohol. 

Find other ways to relax without drinking

Go for a walk, read a book, watch a movie, play a game with your kids. Look for other ways to relax and feel better.