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The new normal drinking guidelines. They're the same as the old ones.

We're here to help you #drinknormal and keep safe during COVID-19 lockdown with real advice, support and information about coronavirus, alcohol and your health.

#Drinknormal in the 'new normal'

Coronavirus and the lockdown period has created a stressful and uncertain time for many, and a drink can seem like the answer to calm feelings of anxiety. But overdoing the booze can actually make things worse.

That's why we're encouraging Kiwis to #drinknormal in the 'new normal'. #Drinknormal is simple - it's just like the old normal. Stick to the Ministry of Health’s safe drinking guidelines – that’s three drinks for men and two for women a day with two days off drinking each week. Don’t start too early in the evening – if you’re socialising with friends online, take a day off and make an alcohol-free drink alternative for happy hour. And find other ways to relax – read a book, go for a walk, play a game with your kids or watch a movie. 

Is my drinking normal? Take the test to find out.

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