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Is my drinking normal?

When did you drink in the past week?

(or think of a normal week for you)

How many drinks did you have on these days?

It looks like you drank the most on Friday.
What type of drinks did you have?

At what times did you have each of these drinks?

Drag your drinks to the timeline and see what happened to your blood alcohol levels!

That's a lot of drinks in a short time period!

See what would happen if you exchanged some of these drinks for water.

Let’s crunch some numbers.

Where did you (or your host) get these drinks from? Drag them to adjust.

Choose your age and gender to see
how you compare with people like you.

  • Same as previous
    • One average
      drink (330mls)

    • Average
      Wine (125mls)

    • Large Wine

    • Average beer

    • Large beer

    • Low Alc Beer

    • Cider

    • Single
      Spirit (15mls)

    • Double
      Spirit (30mls)

    • RTD

    • I can't

    Bar, cafe or restaurant
    Supermarket or bottle store

We’ve estimated your Friday drinks would have cost you or your host around $88.

  • Male

  • Female